Announcement Update 1.0 - The Beginning


Hello Barbarians,
BarbaricMC is starting to slowly come together. I am glad many are excited about the release, we are for sure. We want to start by giving as much information about what there is to come and what there is to expect. BarbaricMC has been in development for months but this finally the right route for us and we are glad it's getting there (even though it's taking its sweet time)

Now what makes us unique to others.

Kingdoms is the main focus of the server. Your job is to build the best and top Kingdom of each season. At the end of every season, the Kingdom with the top balance will be the season top winners (3 - 5 winners will be selected). Now with Kingdoms, to make it more enjoyable you areable to have wars with each Kingdom. - Raiding is allowed for this, but stealing will not be permitted (this could change later in the future)

Custom Items
Now to make your experience better within BarbaricMC, there is going to be an endless amount of loot and custom items that will be obtainable for all players. Every month, our goal is to try and release new items so there will always be something new to craft on your adventures.

Resource World
Most resource worlds you see are just a build with a border that resets every month. Our resource world is custom build work, an island that you can explore and collect the resources you need so there is no need to reset any worlds.

Our secret recipe
BarbaricMC is built on so much more than you think. We have some incredible plugins on the server, that change the server so much in so many ways that is unique to BarbaricMC. Our job is to build the best possible unique server, with amazing plugins and so much more.


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Kind Regards,
BarbaricMC Staff Team.