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BarbaricMC Server Rules

Make sure to read through these carefully. If you break any of our rules then you will be restricted.
Please note that all the punishment durations are under staff discretion and can be changed at any time.
By playing on the server you are agreeing to our rules.


Head of Staff and Support
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Gameplay Rules

Ban Evasion

If you are banned from the server and you use a different account to continue playing then you are evading your restriction.

Durations: +1 offence of current restriction (Example: You were banned for 7 days for hacking, you then evade your ban. You will be banned on both accounts for 14 days.)

Bug/Glitch Abuse

Duping items, using an unintentional feature on the server, taking advantage of errors (e.g shop prices) fall under this rule. If you find a bug you must report it to staff members immediately.

Durations: 30 days or Permanent ban


Creating a chargeback claim will result in a permanent ban from our server. You are creating a false claim as all services/products bought from our store as released immediately upon payment completion. If you have an issue with a purchase you should create a ticket.
Durations: Permanent ban

Falsifying Evidence/Wasting staffs time

Falsifying evidence is when you provide modified video footage or screenshots to make it look like someone else broke the rules, when they are innocent. We will not tolerate any behaviour like this.
Wasting staff time can include but is not limited to, asking for a restriction, claiming to hack (or break another rule) when you are not, or telling a staff member you need help when you do not.

Durations: 30 days or Permanent ban


Any use of hacked clients, macros, or auto clickers will result in a restriction. Whether you get an advantage over other players or not, these are not allowed.

Durations: 7 days > 14 days > 30 days > Permanent ban

Inappropriate Items

This includes but is not limited to builds/plots, skins, names and capes. Anything that is offensive, not PG13, or something that breaks any of our other rules is not allowed.

Skins/Names/Capes durations: Permanent ban. This will be removed as soon as the item is changed.
Other durations: 7 days > 14 days > 30 days > Permanent ban

Lag creation

Any attempt to create lag on the server will be punished. This could include a type of build or machine. Even if you do not succeed, the intentions are there and you will be removed from our server.

Durations: 14 days > 30 days > Permanent ban

Illegal Mods

When using a mod (modded client) please make sure you check our list of illegal mods. If you are found to be using one then you will be restricted. We disallow some mods as they give advantages over normal gameplay.
Using any texture pack that also gives you an advantage falls under this category.

Allowed List:
  • Athestics (Optifine, Shaders, anything that changes the visuals without gaining an advantage)
  • HUD enhancements (Armor, potion effects, ping, information on your screen)
  • Recipes (Mods that provide the recipes for items)
Durations: 7 days > 14 days > 30 days > Permanent ban


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Chat Rules


Sharing an IP address or server name is considered advertising, whether it be in public chat or private messages, it is not allowed on our server.
If you are talking about a large server and state its name (Hypixel, Mineplex, etc) then you will not receive a mute as the majority of people already know and play these servers.

Durations: 7 days > 30 days > Permanent mute

DDoS Threats + Releasing personal information

Any form of DDoS threats, whether it be a joke or not, are not allowed. Threats will result in a 7 day ban, even though its a chat offence. If your threats turn into actions you will be permanently banned as this is a very serious offence.
Releasing someone's personal information across any of our platforms will result in the same punishment. Under no circumstances in life should you release personal and private information of another person without their permission, let alone over the internet to strangers.

Durations: 7 days or Permanent ban

Discrimination - Racism/Sexism - Hate Speech

If you are discriminating anyone you will receive a mute on our server. You should also respect others regardless of their beliefs, gender or status. We are all human beings and you should treat others how you want to be treated.

Durations: Verbal warning > 1 day > 7 days > 30 days > Permanent mute

Harmful links

Links that lead to offensive (pornographic, violent) sites or offensive imagery will receive a restriction. Any dangerous (IP grabbing) links or dangerous links also fall under this.

Durations: Permanent mute or ban

Mute Evasion

Using signs, renamed items or books to communicate whilst muted is classed as mute evasion. Also using a different account to talk in chat whilst your main account is muted.
Durations: Ban for mute duration

Offensive Language

This rule is similar to the discrimination rule. Treat other players with respect and do not make anyone feel like they are not welcome. Disrespectiful, vulgar language, swearing and anything that is not PG13 is against our rules.

Durations: Verbal warning > 1 day > 7 days > 30 days > Permanent mute


Messages in fast succession, similar or the same messages, random characters or the same character repeated multiple times falls under this rule.

Durations: Verbal warning > 1 day > 7 days > 30 days > Permanent mute
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