Important Player Report Guide

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BarbaricMC Player Report Guide

Please follow this format when reporting a player for breaking our rules.
To check out our rules click here.

Entry Format

Your Minecraft username:
Reported players Minecraft username:
Evidence: [screenshot or video in link form]
More details: [optional]

If you miss out a single entry the report will not be accepted. Make sure to fill out the format fully.

Screenshot Evidence

When supplying screenshots as evidence for gameplay offences you must make sure it is of the whole Minecraft screen. It must not be cropped.
If you are reporting a chat offence then your screenshot must show the whole text box, and not one line. Any one line reports will be denied.

Video Evidence

Make sure your videos are of good quality, there is not (or little) lag, the FPS is stable and it is clear to read player names. Your video must not be cropped.
If the video is longer than 60 seconds please provide time frames in your report. The video must also show the entirety of your screen.
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