Important Builder Application Guide

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BarbaricMC Builder Application Guide

If you are interested in becoming a Builder, then make sure you read through this guide before applying. If you do not follow the correct format you will be declined and it may harm any future applications you make.
Make sure you have read and you meet all of the requirements. Even if there is just one you fail to meet, your application will be instantly declined.
Good luck builders!


  1. Speak fluent English
  2. Have a minimum of 1 weeks worth of play time
  3. Have a Discord account
  4. No recent restrictions
  5. 1 build created on our server

Application Template

Minecraft username:
Discord ID:
Timezone and Country:
Previous Restrictions:
How often are you on the server (weekly)?
Have you ever applied here before?
Do you have previous experience being a builder?
Are you familiar with WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, GoPaint, GoBrush?
Please provide some images of builds you have previously created (on or off our server):

Then create your application paragraph.
This should include things about you, your hobbies, your general schedule, why we should pick you, etc.
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