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  1. oPqnda

    Important Beta Tester Application Format

    Hello Barbarian, We are glad to hear you are interested in being a Beta Tester for BarbaricMC. We ask that you create a new thread with this new format in Beta Tester Applications. If you have any questions, please let a Member of Staff know. Minecraft Username: Discord Username: Reason why we...
  2. oPqnda

    Announcement Update 1.0 - The Beginning

    Hello Barbarians, BarbaricMC is starting to slowly come together. I am glad many are excited about the release, we are for sure. We want to start by giving as much information about what there is to come and what there is to expect. BarbaricMC has been in development for months but this finally...
  3. oPqnda

    Announcement Welcome to the official BarbaricMC Forums

    Welcome to our official BarbaricMC Forums. We are glad to have you here. If you haven't already, make sure to sign up and stay up to date with up coming news and announcements regarding the server. If you have any questions about the server or anything related to the server. Please DM one of...
  4. oPqnda

    Important Kingdom Invitation Information

    Kingdom Invitation Information When creating an invite. Please ensure your Kingdom is more than a week old this is to ensure that new players or existing players that join have have somewhere to be in your kingdom. Kingdoms may be checked when an invitation is created so make sure that it is...