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Important Gameplay Rules

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Gameplay Rules

Illegal Modifications

An illegal modification is an injected or installed modification of the game that gives you an advantage over other players. This includes ghost clients, hacked clients, or forge mods. If you are unsure if a modification is illegal you should ask any staff member and they will assist you, however if you do not ask, and are found to have a modification that is not allowed, you will receive the punishment listed.

  • Punishment: Permanent Ban

Duping or Abusing Glitches

Duplicating includes taking one's items, value, or any other in game currency and making more of it, Any form of duping is not allowed. If a bug/exploit/dupe is found it should be reported to an administrator immediately. If it is not reported, and instead abused/exploited, you will be given a punishment depending on severity under admin discretion. Some examples of glitches/bugs that cannot be abused are (but not limited to): Glitching into buildings, bypassing cooldowns, bypassing region limitations, block glitching, freezing your minecraft, or abusing an exploit in the rules.

  • Punishment: Admin Discretion

Ban Evasion

Ban Evading is not allowed. Ban Evading includes joining on different account(s) while being banned on your main account. Ban Evading on a proxy is also not allowed.

  • Punishment: Permanent IP-ban

Forging Proof

Editing a video or screenshot to make it look like someone is breaking the rules, or to make it look like you were not breaking the rules when punished is not prohibited. Using applications like photoshop to manipulate photos intended to be used as proof is not allowed. Proof is required to be full screenshots, snip-its of chat will not be accepted.

  • Punishment: Permanent ban

Auto Clickers/Macros

Any external or internal program used to automatically left or right click and/or increase clicking speed will be deemed an auto-clicker. This includes any client side autoclickers, external program autoclickers, or using hardware to increase clicking speed or automatically click. The use of macros whether client side, external programs or hardware macros are not allowed.

  • Punishments: 3 day ban, Permanent ban

Charging Back

Charging back on a donation to our store is not prohibited.

  • Punishment: Permanent Ip-Ban

Account Sharing

Having more than 1 person use one account for the purpose of bypassing our f roster plugin is prohibited. If players are found to be account sharing, all players involved will be given a punishment.

  • Punishment: Both Accounts Temp-ban for 7 days.

Inappropriate IGN

Inappropriate Usernames that contain racist, disrespectful or sexual words/content, or inappropriate, capes, or banners (such as depicting racist figures, or sexual in nature) are not allowed

  • Punishment: Temporary Ban until IGN is changed
Note: You may play on a different account until you have changed the IGN

Lying To Staff

Any Form of lying to staff about a situation, or about a question asked is not allowed.

  • Punishment: Admin Discretion

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