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Important Chat Rules

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Chat Rules

These chat rules apply to in-game public chat and in-game private messages of any form.


Repeating the same phrase multiple times in chat, flooding the chat, spamming random characters, excessive caps, making designs out of text, or attempting to bypass chat lock all apply to this rule. This also includes /pay spam, /TPA spam, /msg spam. Any of the above done 3 or more times in a row within 10 seconds of each other will be defined as spam.
  • Punishments: Warning, 1 hour mute, 2 hour mute, 4 hour mute


Advertising is defined as the act attempting to get players to leave our server to join another by posting server IP’s, website/store links, or discord links in chat. You may also not advertise any sort of hacked client/cheat.
  • Punishments: 7 day ban, Permanent Ban

Self Promotion

Constantly advertising your own websites and social media is prohibited. This includes YouTube channel links, Discord server links, and Twitter account links, etc.. Those with Media rank are exempt from this rule.
  • Punishments: Warning, 1 hour mute, 1 day ban

Racism, Homophobia, or Discrimination

Any form of racist, homophobic, sexist or discriminatory slurs/phrases said in chat will not be tolerated. Any attempt to bypass this rule will result in the same punishment.
  • Punishments: 2 hour mute, 4 hour mute, 8 hour mute, 12 hour mute

Inappropriate/Pornographic Links

Any link sent in-game that directs you to an adult site or other explicit/adult content is not prohibited. Links that direct you to screamers/ear rape videos are also not prohibited.
  • Punishments: 6 hour mute, 1 day mute, 7 day mute

Misuse of helpop/report

The use of the helpop and report commands for any other reason than getting assistance in-game is not allowed. This includes spamming helpops and reports. For example, “/helpop hi” is not allowed.
  • Punishments: Warning, 30 minute ban, 1 hour ban

IRL Trading

You are not allowed to advertise selling in-game items for IRL money outside of our server. This includes (but is not limited to) giving accounts, paypal, items for other games like skins, etc. for things in-game. For example, “Selling a building for $5 Paypal”, or “Buying a building for $5 Paypal” would not be allowed.
  • Punishments: 3 day ban, 7 day ban, permanent ban

Spam botting

The use of bots/accounts for the purpose of spamming public chat or private messages with messages is not allowed.
  • Punishment: Permanent IP-Ban

Death Wishes/Threats

Any form of telling someone to die is not tolerated. Any threats that may be hurtful towards somebody are not tolerated. For example, saying “Kys”, “Jump off a bridge”. Any attempts to bypass this rule will follow the same punishment.
  • Punishments: 12 hour mute, 1 day mute, 7 day mute

DDos, Dox, S.W.A.T, or Hack Threats/Jokes

Any threats, wishes, or implying to DDos, Dox, S.W.A.T, or hack are not tolerated at all. This includes any form of saying someone will be DDosed, Doxxed, or S.W.A.Ted, or implying it in any way, even if meant as a joke.
  • Punishment: Permanent Ban

Releasing Personal Information

Releasing somebody's personal details, including full names, emails, passwords, family, and social media accounts is prohibited. Even if meant as a joke the same punishment will be given.
  • Punishment: Permanent Blacklist

Malicious Links/IP Grabbers

Any IP-Grabbers, malicious, account-stealing, or PC hacking links are not tolerated.
  • Punishment: Permanent Blacklist


The act of any form of Doxxing, DDosing, or Swatting is not tolerated. This also includes anyone who was significantly involved in any of these. Any sort of joking with malicious intent about this is also punishable. The final decision about each instance of this rule is left at the discretion of the management team.
  • Punishment: Permanent Blacklist

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