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Important BarbaricMC Rules Information (All players must read)

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BarbaricMC Rules

These are the rules you will need to agree to and follow while you play BarbaricMC! If you have any suggestions to better the rules please feel free to message a member of management, staff or use #suggestions in our discord or create a suggestion on our forums!

You are responsible for knowing the rules and staying up to date with them if they are changed during your time playing on BarbaricMC. Using the excuse “I didn’t know that was a rule.” is not valid and will not permit any member of staff the ability to issue an unban, instead your request will be immediately denied.

Please note: Divitto or oPqnda have the right to change the punishment to fit the rule that has been broken, this is to ensure that the best punishment is given in any situation. All official rule changes will be announced to everyone upon changing. The rules also can be changed at any time with no warning so please constantly check the rules.

If you have any issues with the rules as in a loophole or unclear defined objects please make a support ticket in the discord or make a suggestion on the forums and we would be more than happy to investigate and decide the outcome of a change of the rules.

When the max offense provided is reached, any rule broken will result in the max punishment again. Any offense made more than double the max offence will result in a double of the punishment time. (So, for spam if a player reaches the 4th Offence, 4 more times the 8th offence and beyond will be 10 hour mutes, and the 16th time it will be a 20 hour mute). This is not limited depending on the offense or multiple offenses made the punishment will be at the discretion of an administrator or Divitto.
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