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  1. Divitto

    Important Helper Application Information

    BarbaricMC Staff Application Template Below These questions are in order to find out if you would make a good fit for the BarbaricMC staff team. You will be asked a series of questions that will either need a basic answer and some that might require a little more thought and a longer...
  2. Divitto

    Important Gameplay Rules

    Gameplay Rules Illegal Modifications An illegal modification is an injected or installed modification of the game that gives you an advantage over other players. This includes ghost clients, hacked clients, or forge mods. If you are unsure if a modification is illegal you should ask any staff...
  3. Divitto

    Important Chat Rules

    Chat Rules These chat rules apply to in-game public chat and in-game private messages of any form. Spam Repeating the same phrase multiple times in chat, flooding the chat, spamming random characters, excessive caps, making designs out of text, or attempting to bypass chat lock all apply to...
  4. Divitto

    Important BarbaricMC Rules Information (All players must read)

    BarbaricMC Rules These are the rules you will need to agree to and follow while you play BarbaricMC! If you have any suggestions to better the rules please feel free to message a member of management, staff or use #suggestions in our discord or create a suggestion on our forums! You are...